Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An Anatomical Analysis of Morphic Genetics in Humans

Background and Purpose
The genome of homo sapiens (humans) is quite varied within the species itself, with variations of height, weight, muscle tone, bone structure, and so forth being widely distributed amongst the population as a whole. The genus has several variants originating in geographical placement, but currently having little purpose as the population mix spreads planet-wide.

Procedure and Method
Variations are almost entirely genetic in nature with parents playing a key role in the makeup of offspring, as with most mammalian species. The following is an analysis of one such pairing and the resulting offspring. The parents are the father (Aaron) and the mother (Kathy) whose offspring is a human female (Heidi).


In Figure 1, above, we see the subject (the offspring, Heidi). The following points are observed about the human infant:

1) Hair color very similar to father's
2) Ear shaping much like the mother's
3) Eyes and eyebrows of the father's type (see also Fig2)
4) Nose of shape and proportional size similar to father's
5) Mouth with characteristics much like the mother's

In this second illustration, we see more facial morphisms also comparable to the parent's features:

6) As above in #4, eyes and eyebrows very much like the father's
7) Skin tone and complexion almost exactly matching the father's
8) Chin and mouth, as in #5, very comparable to the mother's
9) Hands and fingers which appear to be an inconclusive mix of father and mother

As illustrated herein, it is very obvious that this child was a mixture of the two adults who paired genes to create her. The mixture and complexity of the genes in question is astonishing in number, with the human haploid genome comprising of just over 3 billion base pairs, with the actual total depending upon sex.

Given the near-infinite number of sequences that could be paired, the fact that they consistently, as illustrated here, come together to show the parental influence is astonishing. Some would say it could speak of a higher power at work, while others would claim it's all about statistics.

That supposition is beyond the scope of this study, but may warrant further study in future.

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